Starting a side hustle using Wholesale Fashion (ad)

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With small businesses on the rise, a lot of people these days are opting for re-selling clothing via their own webshop. This is a great idea for anyone wanting their own little business as a side hustle without half as much hassle.

This is where wholesale clothing websites come in. Unless you want to create the garments yourself for your shop, which let’s face it takes a lot of skill and so much time, buying stock from a wholesale clothing vendor is the way to go. Whether you are setting up your own online store or a physical shop, there are a number of benefits to doing this, which I want to highlight in this post. So if you’re interested in finding out more about wholesale, keep reading!

Benefits of wholesale fashion

Cost effective

Creating clothes yourself or buying one-off pieces can be expensive, and if you’re going to be selling these on you will have to put a pretty big markup on them. Buying fashion wholesale works out to be much cheaper for your business. This all comes down to supply and demand. One-off or rare pieces will of course cost a little more, but buying a bigger quantity of readily available apparel means you can pay less money per item, which is more cost effective and you can end up with a better profit margin per sale.

The latest trends

Trends are one thing that are constantly changing, and keeping up with them can be a bit overwhelming. Using wholesale fashion stores will ensure you keep up to date with the latest trends, as you can just log in and find what’s new or what’s popular at the time. Some shops even have a specific section for the latest trends so it’s so easy to find without having to spend hours trawling the internet to find the right items. So say you’re wanting to stock a new line of dresses, you can easily head to the website and search up what’s popular at the time and make your decision from there.

Buy only what you need

When you think of wholesale, a lot of you probably think you have to place huge orders of stock that you will then somehow have to sell. Whilst this can be the case for some vendors, others such as Catwalk Wholesale run things a little differently. Whilst you can of course buy large quantities of items that you know are going to sell, you can also buy only one or two pieces that you’d like to test the waters with. Even if you’re not looking to sell on and you just want a new outfit for yourself, there are options for that too. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY LOADS! A lot of companies also have a returns policy to offer the best buy-back stock that might not be selling as well as you thought, so make sure to do some research on the best deals.

There’s something for everyone

Wholesale websites usually have a huge variety of clothes to choose from, and you can find some lovely boutique wholesale clothing at a fraction of the cost of high-street retailers. You can find outfits for every style, whether that’s vintage, smart, office or casual. Catwalk Wholesale have a huge variety of wholesale dresses, with styles to suit any figure. It gives you the chance to stock a range of pieces for all shapes and sizes for a better price rather than just catering to one niche, as usually it can become quite expensive to carry a range of stock in every size.

Amazing quality

Using wholesale fashion websites means you can get some amazing prices for pieces without having to compromise on quality. It also means that if you do happen to receive an item that isn’t on par with the rest, you have access to a customer service team that can help you out. It also means as you are getting your products directly from the manufacturers or the wholesale suppliers, the possibility of having damaged products will be reduced.

Professional photos

Using a wholesale website to start your own fashion shop can be a really great place to start, particular when it comes to start up costs. You will have access to existing images of your items being modelled, saving you money and time not having to conduct a shoot yourselves. Of course later down the line you could invest in your own photos, but starting out it’ll be one less thing you have to organise.

Reliable shipping

There are so many different postal services out there and let’s face it, certain ones can be a bit unreliable at times. The majority of the time, wholesalers will take all the responsibilities of shipping time and shipping method, ensuring your orders will be delivered when you need them.

Easy and convenient

Using a wholesale clothing outlet can be the most convenient way to purchase stock for your shop. It means not having to travel around to different manufacturers or negotiate prices with brands. It’s so easy to browse on their website, find what you need and place your order. Like I said before, a lot of companies have great buy-back policies too which is even more convenient. You can get your hands on pieces from top brands without having to leave the house, which is a lot more time-efficient.

As you can see there are so many benefits to buying your stock from wholesale websites if you’re looking to start your own side-hustle. Let me know your thoughts and whether you’d consider using wholesale, whether it’s to sell on or just to treat yourself to a new outift!

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  1. As well as being able to update your clothing lines regularly and easily, the huge benefit of buying wholesale for your store is that you don’t actually need to visit wholesalers anymore. Wholesale clothing suppliers UK offer comprehensive services and the ability to do just about everything you could in person at their warehouse, but without leaving your office, shop, or home. This saves you a lot of time, effort, and petrol money.


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