Bloggers to follow September 2022 (ad)

This is a sponsored post.

It’s just turned September, and as I said in my previous post it’s been a bit of a hectic time for me recently. As I write this I’ve just finished watching the first episodes of the new LOTR Rings of Power series and O.M.G it did not disappoint! It was absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the series brings.

I’ve also just completed my first two days at my new job, although they were quite laid back as they were inset days. It’s so overwhelming going into a new place and trying to figure out where everything is but I’m sure with time I get to grips with it.

I’m probably in the minority here as I’ve seen so many youtubers and instagrammers bombarding us with Autumn content, but I’m just not ready to say goodbye to Summer quite yet. Don’t get me wrong I love Autumn, but for me the start of September (some even started in August) isn’t Autumn.

That’s enough rambling, it’s time to introduce you to this month’s fabulous advertisers!

Sunshine Sarah

A regular feature on this blog – and one of my favourite bloggers to read – is Sarah! Sarah’s blog, Sunshine Sarah, follows a 30 something year old woman’s journey as she navigates her way through life. She shares a huge variety of posts covering many topics, including mental health, midsize fashion, self-care routines and life as a vegan. She also features lots of travel, film & Netflix recommendations, as well as some great lifestyle tips and tricks.

Here are a couple of posts you should take a look at:

5 Tips to keep warm at home this Winter

Top tips for vegan-friendly baking

She’s also very active over on Twitter and Instagram so make sure you’re following!

Real Life of Lulu

Heidi’s blog, Real Life of Lulu, is a lifestyle blog that mostly features lots of vintage recipes and foodie posts as well as some parenting/mummy topics. She is currently based in Phoenix with her husband and 3 children, and works as a teacher. Her hobbies include cake decorating, baking, spending time with family, and writing. If you’re looking for some delicious recipes to try, you definitely need to check out Heidi’s blog.

Here are a couple of posts I’d recommend:

Apple dumplings recipe

Apple coffee cake

Make sure to check out Heidi on instagram and twitter too!

Enviroline Blog

Caroline started her blog back in 2019 whilst studying environmental science for A-Level. She was learning all of this information and wanted a platform where she could share it with like-minded people. On her blog you can find a tonne of tips and tricks on how to be more sustainable in everyday life. There are so many swaps we can make to products less damaging, and more eco-concious choices to be made everyday and Caroline does a fantastic job at highlighting these.

There are some really great posts to have a read of, but here are a couple I’d recommend:

Sustainable Pads: TOTM Review

8 Autumn Nature Activities

Don’t forget to follow Caroline on Instagram and Twitter too!

Until next time.


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