Bloggers to follow January 2023 (ad)

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It’s a new year! And a new month so that means….New advertisers!

This month brings back a regular on this blog, so if you’ve been reading here for a while now you will of course know this fantastic blogger!

Sunshine Sarah

Sarah’s blog has been one of my absolute favourites for a long time now. I regularly catch up on her posts, which can be about mental health, midsize fashion, self-care routines life as a vegan and more! She also writes about travel, film & Netflix recommendations, as well as some great lifestyle tips and tricks. Join in the journey of a 30-something year old as she navigates her way through life.

Here are a couple of posts you should take a look at:

23 Small ways to look after your mental health in 2023

How to be more sustainable this new year

She’s also very active over on Twitter and Instagram so make sure you’re following!

Until next time.


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