Testing new makeup! Flower Beauty, Ofra and Jefree star

Hey everyone, welcome back. You may have seen my recent haul where I bought I few bits of new makeup, and I thought today I’d test them out and let you know what I thought.

The Barry M unicorn drops primer

I really liked this primer, it looked pretty glowy on the skin, but it wasn’t too glittery, and you could definitely see the glow under my foundation which is great. It dried down tacky, so it was perfect for putting foundation on top as it really stuck to it. The only thing I didn’t like about this product was the dropper – I felt like it wasn’t releasing much product, so I just ended up wiping the pipette on my face rather than dropping it on there. This isn’t a major issue thought and overall, I really liked these, thumbs up from me!

The Flower Beauty light illusion foundation and concealer

I was so excited to try these out, and I wasn’t disappointed! The foundation is the dewiest foundation I’ve ever tried, it definitely needed to be set because I absolutely HATE the feeling of unset foundation. Once it was set, it had the most amazing coverage, not cakey and not dry. I have used it quite a few times since testing it and I am amazed by the glow coming through from the foundation, even though it had been properly set with loose powder. I am so in love with this, although I don’t think it would be great for people with oily skin as it only just about manages to stay on my face throughout my workday, and tends to look a bit oily come the end, and my skin isn’t really oily naturally. It’s nothing a little touch up of powder can’t fix though! Onto the concealer, and again I have fallen in love. This is amazing – it’s great coverage without being cakey, it’s brightening and it’s glowy, it’s just perfect really.


I didn’t have a new powder to test so I just used my normal MUA loose translucent powder. It was probably best I used my normal powder to see how the foundation compares.

The Benefit quickie contour stick

I’ve had this sample for a while after getting it in a magazine and had never tried it out, so I thought I would for the purposes of this post. I actually really liked it! I normally don’t get on well with cream products but this worked really well to contour, and I even used it to contour my nose which is something I rarely do. It really is a ‘quickie’ product.


The Revlon matte bronzer

This is a really nice cool toned bronzer, and worked really well for contouring and bronzing up my face. I love that its not glittery, because I hate that in a bronzer. Although it’s fairly cool-toned, it still gives that sun kissed look, so again, a thumbs up from me!

The Benefit Galafornia blush

This is so pigmented, so you only need a tiny bit, and although I was fairly tanned, I still felt a bit like a clown so I had to blend it out a fair bit, however I did really like the quality of this blush. I’m not sure I’d buy a full-sized version as I just don’t think I’d use it all that much.


The Ofra highlighter in glazed donut

I wouldn’t normally spend this much money on just one product, but I had seen so many people rave about it, I just had to get it. This product did not disappoint! It is the prettiest highlighter I have ever seen in my life! It’s so pigmented, so glowy and blinding. I had to blend it out a bit because for me it was just that little bit too blinding. I love it!


On my eyes I used the Urban Decay cherry palette which I absolutely love. I then used my usual Soap and Glory supercat liner and Nyx eyebrow powder, which you will have seen me talk about countless times.

The Revolution ‘The mascara revolution’

This is a really great mascara – pretty clumpy so if you don’t like spider lashes, this probably isn’t for you. I normally find I have to dry out mascaras abit before using them as they are too watery, but this worked really nicely straight away! Lots of volume and length. (Obviously I have lashes on so you won’t see it that well, but trust me, it’s a good one)!


The Jefree Star liquid lipstick in Celebrity Skin

This is my perfect shade! Honestly, it’s such a great colour, and the formula is to die for! It isn’t the most durable lipstick I’ve tried, I do need to top it up through out the day, but that’s expected with my job anyway as I’m always talking. Overall, a great lipstick!

Until next time


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13 thoughts on “Testing new makeup! Flower Beauty, Ofra and Jefree star

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    1. That benefit blush looks so pigmented! Might pick that up🖤 and the ofra highlight reminds me of the one Nicki Tutorials did!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Awww I think benefit cosmetics always has some of the cutest makeup names that make you wanna try the product lol. I haven’t tried any of Jeffree’s stuff so glad to hear it’s a nice formula. Great post! 💄 💕

    xx Lena


  2. First of all you put on your makeup so flawless girl! I’m in awe😍 definitely want to try that lippie and that concealer! That ofra highlighter loooks soooo goood🔥


  3. I love reading about all the new beauty bits people have picked up recently – your makeup looks flawless by the way! I’ve been meaning to try the Benefit Galifornia blush for ages but keep forgetting to pick it up! x
    El | Welsh Wanderer


  4. It looks like you got a really great selection of makeup! I really want to try out flower beauty products that look really great, that highlighter is also so gorgeous! Loved your end look x


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