Getting a Hamster!

Hello everyone! As you may have seen from my Instagram I have recently adopted a Hamster, so today I thought I would introduce her to the world and also show you some bits that we’ve recently picked up for her.

Meet Freya

Freya is a short haired Syrian Hamster who we adopted from a family member looking to rehome her. I am not sure of her age but I would guess around 1-1.5 years old. She has a beautiful gingery colour fur and she is such a sweet Hamster, although she is not a massive fan of being held but that’s fine. She came with a metal barred cage which we soon realised was way too small for her, so she now lives in a homemade bin cage which she seems to be enjoying.

Where she lives


Her favourite thing in her cage is this wooden hut which she took to very quickly and uses it for her bedroom and food storage area.

Her favourite toys

We’ve been trying out a few different wooden items to try and get her to chew to wear down her teeth, and the ones she seems to like are these carrot shaped chews from The Range (£1.99) and these veg shaped nibble stix from Bargain Buys (£1.99). She also really likes these willow sticks by the brand natures first. These are also from The Range (£1.99) and we’ve found they do so many great things for small animals.

Onto toys, and her favourite ones are these balls made from rattan, seagrass and water hyacinth. These are by the brand Rosewood, which make loads of great small animal items, and I got them from Amazon for £2.99. They do come in a pack of 3 but she has already destroyed one of them. She also loves this wooden bridge, again from Amazon, which she loves climbing on and going under.


Onto a couple of treat items, she loves these dried apple chunks (£1.29) that we scatter around her cage for her to find. She also loves these choc drops (69p) but we don’t give her these too often as they’re not the healthiest of treats. Both are from The Range.


Lastly is bedding. We have been using wood shaving bedding but we have found this gives her a stuffed up nose, and we have researched and found this isn’t the best bedding to use. We bought this paper based bedding from Wilko which she seems to get on with, as well as the Kaytee Clean and Cosy bedding which is her favourite.


Unfortunately Freya passed away in August at almost 2 years old. We have adopted another hamster called Reggie from a family friend, and he has been settling in really well.

Until next time.


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  1. What a cutie! I’ve got two gerbils and they love those choc treats (ours have the white ones) I’m really interested in her homemade cage, ours need a bigger one and I’d love to see how you made it!


    1. We followed a tutorial on YouTube how to make one 🙂 just type in homemade bin cage, we watched a girl called Victoria raechel’s vid 🙂


  2. Ah, she is soooooo cute! I think Flora would love a hamster or gerbil but unfortunately so would our cats, so I don’t think that’s a match made in heaven! I’ll have to look out for future Freya pics on your Insta 🙂 x


  3. Freya is so cute! I’ve never owned a hamster before, but a few months ago I looked after my friend’s guinea pig and now I’m really keen to get a small pet of my own!


  4. Ah Freya is so cute! I also have a short-haired Syrian hamster called Pepper. She loves the chocolate drops too her favourite are the carrot flavoured ones. I didn’t know The Range had pet supplies I will need to check them out all of them look so cute. I’m sure Pepper would love them too.


  5. Aww she’s such a cute Hamster I had a guinnea pig when I was a kid but rented accommodation means no pets 😦 one day through gonna get a puppy.


  6. Awwww Freya is so cute! This post made me so happy. I have never had a hamster but I had two guinea pigs and they were so fun! I loved to shop for little toys like these for them 🙂


  7. What a cute and lovable hamster she is, I used to have a couple of Hamsters when I was young, but they sadly died.

    I bet she adores all the treats you give to her.

    Makes me want another hamster this post does 😁


  8. Aww Freya is adorable and living the good life with all the food and toys she got! I myself have two dwarf hamsters named Aagje and Yuki. I am quite a hamster lady as I had quite a few hammies in my life, dwarfs and syrians.


  9. Hi Freya! You’re lovely! I have a bunny and she loves the same trio of natural balls that Freya has. And the wooden chews are also one of her favorites. Have fun with Freya!


  10. She is so adorable! I love that you are taking the time to learn about what she enjoys, what’s healthy and what options are available. That is SO important and a clear sign of a great pet owner. It looks like she’s a little spoiled, as it should be! Right?


  11. What a gorgeous girl! She is super lucky to have all those toys too! I heard Syrian hamsters love to have tones of room; there are some fab videos on YouTube that show you how to create a big space for them! I always loved watching other people design their hamsters homes before I got mine! Great post lovely xoxo


  12. Hi Ellie. What a gorgeous little bundle of fluff Freya is! Have you got any plans to find her a friend? 🙂


  13. Freya is adorable! You’ve certainly supplied her with a variety of toys and a stimulating environment. I’m sure she’s very happy and will provide you with lots of entertainment and love in return!


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