Bloggers to follow this November (ad)

This is a sponsored post.

It’s November already and I can’t quite believe how fast this year has gone! This is my favourite time of year in terms of blogging, because I feel like it’s so much busier, I have more content ideas and I get to work with lots of amazing brands on Christmas gift guides. I can’t wait to share some exciting Christmas content with you all!

I have two lovely bloggers advertising with me this month, so let me introduce you!

Ticking the List

Back for another month is Ellie from Ticking the List. This blog is dedicated to sharing travel tips and tricks from her own adventures, blogging strategies and sharing her journey to creating and running your own online business. In 2016 Ellie decided she wanted more out of life, so she moved halfway across the world and starting creating her ultimate travel bucket list. By creating this blog she can share her journey with us all as she ticks off her list!

There are so many posts to choose from over on the blog, and so many destinations to visit while you’re there! A couple of posts you should definitely check out are:

36 Practical & Fun gifts for outdoorsy women  – This gift guide contains a fantastic round-up of things you can get the woman in your life that loves all things camping and outdoors related. There are some pretty unique things mentioned too that you might not know even existed!

50 Inspiring & Mindful Travel Journal Prompts for your Next Adventure – A great guide to travel journaling and includes some brilliant tips on what to include and what to jot down. Ellie highlights things you may not normally think about jotting down such as smells of places or the feelings you’re having while you’re there, and these can be very important things you will want to remember.

The Quiet Girl Blog

Anissa is a Jamaican university student who also runs a blog called The Quiet Girl Blog. Her blog was set up to be a place for her thoughts, where she can write about how she is feeling mentally, inner thoughts and even self-care. She’s taken this space to write about what thinks, what she’s experienced and what she’s learnt or researched. A couple of posts you should check out are:

Am I An Adult Now? – This is a very relatable post that questions when do we really feel like an adult? I’ve just turned 26 myself, I ‘ve worked full time for many years, I’ve got a degree, I live with my partner but I still feel like I’m about 17 years old. When do we actually start to feel like an adult?

Being An Introvert – This post highlights what it’s like being an introvert and how it’s ok to keep to yourself if that’s what makes you happy. At the end of the day it’s your life and if you don’t want to be out socialising all the time that’s ok. She does a great job at explaining the difference between being introverted and being shy/socially anxious. I relate a lot to this post too!

And there we have it – my lovely advertisers for he month of November. Find out more about advertising with me here.

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