A few days in Amsterdam! A mini travel guide

Hey guys! As you may have seen from my Instagram, Aaron and I recently went to Amsterdam for a few days, and I thought I would give you a little overview of some of the things we got up to.

We stayed in the XO Hotels Park West hotel in Sloterdijk, which was such a lovely hotel. The staff were really friendly and the room was really clean and spacious, and because it wasn’t in the centre it was a really good price.

On day 1 we visited the Sex museum which is located near Centraal Station. This only cost around 5 Euros each and it was so worth it. It was very hard to be serious in this place as there were literally penises everywhere! Including a giant willy seat that I just had to get a photo on. They had images, moving figures doing naughty things, the whole lot. Brilliant!

We also visited the Red Light Secrets – Museum of prostitution, which is located around the red light district along the canal. This costs 12.50 each (as we had a discount voucher) and was really interesting. At the entrance we were given a headset to listen to as we walked round, which was a real prostitute called Inga answering questions and telling her story. They had set up examples of the rooms they’d typically use and behind the scenes of a regular day in the life. Really worth the money!

In the afternoon we visited the Heineken experience which is only a short tram ride from the centre. This was 19 Euros each and included a self guided tour around the brewery and 3 half pints, which actually tasted quite nice (I’m not really a beer person). There were lots of interactive parts and at the end there is a bar where you hand your tokens in for your free drinks. A really good afternoon!

Onto day 2, and we started off with the Lovers canal cruise. There were so many different companies doing these tours, but we had discount vouchers for this one and it actually looked the most welcoming out of them all. It was a 1 hour cruise along the canals, with a headset that explained the sites we passed and some of the history of Amsterdam. I definitely recommend doing this as it was really interesting and well worth the money (16 each).

In the afternoon it started raining, so we decided to visit Madame Tussauds, which I will admit was very pricey for the amount of time we were actually in there. We managed to get some photos with some celebs (haha), and it kept us busy for the afternoon.


For dinner we discovered the most amazing burger place that I just had to mention! It was just along the little high street of shops, and was called BurgerFabriek express. I had the veggie burger which was a giant fried mushroom with salad, courgettes and sauce, and honestly it was the best thing I’ve ever tried. Aaron had a beef burger which he said was equally as amazing. We also had some chips which were so tasty, and cheese sauce which tasting just like melted burger cheese! I highly recommend this place if you’re into your burgers. Their milkshakes were also incredible!

In the evening we ventured into the red light district and had a look round the windows – just to say we’d seen it really! It’s kind of bizarre – everyone’s going about their daily business and there’s half naked girls in the windows beckoning to come over, and it was fun to watch the men disappearing into the windows on occasion!

That’s everything we got up to in Amsterdam! I hope we get to go back soon and do the things we missed because of the weather, such as the zoo and the tulip parks.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If so, what did you get up to?

Until next time.





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  1. This sounds brilliant! We had these things on our list for our anniversary this year, as we were planning to travel to Amsterdam for our anniversary but that didnt happen. We were also keen on going to the Anne Frank House! I hope to go at some point, glad you had a fabulous time x


  2. I loved Amsterdam when I went there last year. Taking a boat tour of the canals was by far the best thing we did on our trip.


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