Getting ready for a big Spring clean! (ad)

This post contains gifted items sent for review, however this doesn’t affect my opinions.

It’s nearly Spring! And that means one thing – it’s nearly time for that big spring clean. There’s no better feeling than opening all the windows, airing out the house after building up stuffiness over the winter, and giving the whole house a sort out and a clean. It can be quite a daunting task, and it’s sometimes difficult to muster up the motivation to crack on with it, so here are some of my top tips for getting ready for that spring clean!

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Declutter first

It’s simple – the less stuff there is hanging about, the less there is to clean! Before I do a deep clean I like to go round the house and declutter any bits that I either don’t really want anymore or I haven’t got a use for anymore. This just means there’s less things to clean and it’s already out of the way, making cleaning quicker.

Make a list

Go around each room one by one and write down a list of everything that needs doing. It’ll feel so good when it comes to ticking it off!

Have a stash of cleaning products ready

I have done a couple of posts in the past about my favourite cleaning products, which you can read here and here. It’s a good idea to have all the cleaning bits and bobs at the ready so you know if you need to pick up any more products before you start.

One brand I wanted to mention at this point is OceanFree. I was recently sent a couple of products to try out and I have to say I’ve really enjoyed using them. This antiseptic disinfectant is such an all-rounder product, as you can use it on both surfaces and your body. It is fragrance free and kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

I was also sent the hand sanitiser gel, which again is fragrance free. This is great to pop in your bag or the car for when you’re out and about. I love that this is fragrance free as sometimes hand gels can have such a chemical smell that it’s off putting. This is a lovely gel that doesn’t leave your hands sticky at all.

Set a timer

I really love setting a timer for cleaning sessions. I normally do a time for each room, say 30 minutes or an hour, and try and get everything done in that time. It really helps to stay motivated and I like having a goal to achieve.

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What are some of your Spring cleaning tips?

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23 thoughts on “Getting ready for a big Spring clean! (ad)

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  1. We have inadvertently started ours already because we choose to redecorate the kitchen so it was a really good opportunity to have a good sort out. And as we have all 3 children’s birthdays pretty much back to back, we had a good sort out.

    Now I am desperate to get the kitchen sorted so I can really do a proper spring clean. It is such a great way to mark the beginning of better weather. Great tips, a list is a must for starting and really achieving what you want x


  2. I love a good Spring clean, the weather is so sunny, it’s making me want to get started ASAP!! I love nothing more than a declutter, I don’t know how two people manage to get so much stuff in our little house!?



  3. Amazing advice! Spring cleaning is such a big job, but I always feel better when it’s done. Any little tricks to make it easier are always welcome. Checking things off a to-do list is so motivating and is a great idea to get all of my spring cleaning tasks organized. I love the idea of setting a timer as well. Thanks for sharing your tips!


  4. Love this! Spring cleaning and de-cluttering is literally a highlight of my year. I love Spring time and the feeling of newness. And there’s nothing better than throwing all your old crap away!


  5. Setting a time goal is a great idea. I have never tried that, but I will admit, I get distracted sometimes while cleaning a room and it ends up taking me far longer than it should. Setting a timer would help me to stick with my plans and not lose track of time entirely lol


  6. Since lockdown all I seem to be doing a cleaning and I actually find it quite therapeutic. Making lists definitely makes a big difference and it’s nice ticking this off! X


  7. I love a good spring clean…there is just something about the change of season to get you motivated, isn’t there? Love the idea of timing the cleaning session, will help to keep you on track, I often get distracted so this would help loads!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics


  8. Yes it’s almost spring! Thanks for providing suggestions on how to tackle spring cleaning. I love the idea of a list as I feel more accomplished when I can check something off. Thanks for sharing!


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