Bloggers to follow April 2022 (ad)

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We’re slowly approaching Summer, and it’s (finally) starting to feel warm here in the UK! As I’m writing this it is a glorious day outside, although there’s talks of snow coming soon!

The start of April signifies Spring for me, with Easter just around the corner. A new month means I have some more wonderful bloggers to share with you, so without further ado, let’s meet them!

Sunshine Sarah

A regular feature on this blog – and one of my favourite bloggers to read – is Sarah! Sarah’s blog, Sunshine Sarah, follows a 30 something year old woman’s journey as she navigates her way through life. She shares a huge variety of posts covering many topics, including mental health, midsize fashion, self-care routines and life as a vegan. She also features lots of travel, film & Netflix recommendations, as well as some great lifestyle tips and tricks.

Here are a couple of posts you should take a look at:

She’s also very active over on Twitter and Instagram so make sure you’re following!

Life of Morag

Morag’s blog features a range of topics, mostly centred around Mental and Physical health, travel and politics. One thing I love about her blog is that she talks about a lot of current and relevant topics, such as lockdown, POC and anxiety.

She has some brilliant blog posts that you should definitely have a read of:

Check out Morag over on Twitter and Instagram too!

Glomalin Skincare

Glomalin is an organic and natural skincare company, based in Canada. Their goal is to create products that contribute to our health and wellness, along with beautiful skin. They stock a wide range of products, which are only tested on themselves, family and friends (never animals) from luxurious face cream to vegan plant-based winter balm. They also have a blog where they write lots of informative posts all about skincare and their products.

A couple I think you should check out are:

They also have Twitter and Instagram so make sure you check them out! They also ship worldwide!

MK Blog Directory

If you’re looking for more blogs to follow, make sure you check out check out MK Blog Directory .Here you can find blogs of specific category or bloggers of similar interests, and also submit your blog site for free to get it more discoverable.

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  1. You’ve shared some great bloggers here lovely. I always appreciate posts like this as I love finding new people to follow and blogs to read. Thank you so much for sharing with us lovely Xo

    Elle –


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