Plans for the rest of the year, and some things I’ve learnt so far.

*Trigger warning – I talk briefly about weight and body confidence in this post.

We are already almost half-way through the year, and to be honest I don’t really feel like I’ve achieved much in that time. Like a lot of people, it got to January 1st and I thought ‘right, I’m going to up my game this year’ and made lots of goals and plans. Safe to say, that was a bit of a whim. As is the case most years. We all make these crazy goals and lists of what we want to achieve in the coming year and we soon forget about it.

My friend Kelly recently wrote a post that talks about 10 things this year has taught her so far, which is kind of the inspiration for this post really. I’m not sure what direction this post is going to go, I’m just going to write and see where it takes me. So if you’d like to see me waffle on, keep reading!

Don’t wait until the perfect time to start

One thing I wanted to start with is a recent realisation. It’s always been a thing to start something at a specific time, whether that’s on a Monday or the start of a new year or month. I’ve decided to stop waiting for the perfect time to start something, as some of the best changes happen when you go for it in the moment. A common one for me is diet and exercise. It’s always “the diet will start Monday” or “I’ll start the gym next week”. No Ellie, start going to the gym now while you have the motivation, because I can guarantee next week will roll around and you won’t want to, and you’ll push it back again.

Accepting how I look

After going back to the gym regularly and improving my diet, my mindset has improved massively. I had the goal to lose as much as I can before holiday, and although I haven’t lost a significant amount (7lb currently) my body confidence has gotten so much better. I find working out makes me feel so much better in myself and I’ve decided it’s time to embrace how I look rather than hide away. I’m not saying I’m going to be strutting around in tiny tops that barely cover me – but I will be cracking out the shorts and shorter dresses – because why not?

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Time is limited

This brings me onto my next goal of the year, which is to travel more. I’ve lived in the UK my whole life, and have only actually seen a small fraction of it. Mainly because it costs just as much as a holiday abroad, which I would rather do! I have a few abroad holidays booked for this year – as I’m writing this I’m preparing for a holiday to Bulgaria and have just booked a trip to Zante. I’ve also got a few UK trips planned, including Centre Parcs and Cornwall to look forward to. My goal for the next few years is to take lots of mini trips while we’re still able to and not tied down to anything.

Live your life

If there’s something you want to do, just do it! There’s so many things that have been on my to-do list for years and I’ve just never done them. It’s normally the case that I have no-one to go with, no-one else wants to do it. I’ve never been one to do things by myself – it’s just not me. I’ve decided it’s time to stop that. If I want to do something, eat somewhere, go somewhere, I’m going to do it on my own. Stop waiting for someone to do it with you. It’s your life, go and live it.

I hope you enjoyed this post, congrats if you’ve stuck with me this far! Have you learnt anything so far this year?

Until next time.


8 thoughts on “Plans for the rest of the year, and some things I’ve learnt so far.

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  1. I really wish I was there to do things with you (I’m working on doing things alone 😬). I feel the exact same about not being where I want to be this one of year. I’m glad we had the motivation to show up this far! Go us! Super excited to see your journey!


  2. Some really important lessons here and I love that you want to explore more of the UK. The UK really does have some wonderful places to visit and beauty on offer – I’m a big fan of a staycation!


  3. I think it’s great how thoughtful you are about what you’ve learned and how you’re approaching life in general (the successes, the slow downs and the setbacks). Being open to learning things is always a powerful experience (even if it doesn’t seem so at the time). Very encouraging!


  4. Thanks for sharing, I have learned similar lessons, that there is more to life than doing the dusting, sorthing through papers and throwing things away, its making use of the time we have, it seems some people close to me want to spend more time doing the dusting than enjoying life 🙂


  5. Well done for working on yourself this year! It’s a hard road to becoming comfortable with yourself and your body, I’m still working on it and I think I always will. It’s certainly a journey, NOT a destination.


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