Express yourself with Teela Jam t-shirts (ad)

This is a sponsored post.

Created in January 2018, Teela Jam is a t-shirt brand that focuses on three themes- self love, personality and confidence. Their overall aim is to support people to be themselves in a world that tells them not to be and to not feel stuck by the hard times.

The name comes from the acronym T.E.A.L which means together express and love. The founder, Lynette, was feeling stuck after having her first son and suffering post natal psychosis. She wanted more out of life, and Teela Jam gave her a way forward to put out positive messages, get creative and advocate on issues such as mental health, sexual health, healing holistically and parenting.

These t-shirts are designed for anyone that likes to express themselves. In this day and age we are used to validation & immediacy, and our sub-conscious is inundated with messages that harbours on fear and stress. We forget that our soul craves love, our mind searches for meaning and our body appreciation.

Purchasing a t-shirt and becoming part of the Teela Jam family means you can wear your t-shirt anytime and anywhere to remind yourself of the importance of their journey through mental health struggles.

Teela Jam has 4 main values:

  • To promote staying true to yourself
  • To empower a sense of belonging
  • To bring awareness to Mental & sexual health
  • To engage audiences through self expression

I love that all of their products are made from organic cotton, and they printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory.

Teela Jam have a fantastic range of t-shirts available on their website for both men, women and kids, so don’t hesitate to head over and take a look! You can also find some hoodies and tote bags too.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this brand before but I absolutely love everything they stand for! Who doesn’t love a brand that focuses on these key points. I’ll defiantly have to check them out asap. Thank you so much for sharing with us lovely Xo

    Elle –


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